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This Saturday shall see our #miromorning where we shall be inviting colleagues to join us on our Miro journey, participate in workshops, listen to presentations and be inspired by a keynote from Liz Buckler. There are still placed available. We shall be tweeting using #miromorning so follow the conference on twitter if you can.

A group of Reception children paid a visit to a group of teaching students to present their Miro project and to create some artwork. The children were very excited to travel on the minibus and walk around the campus. “That’s a really big hotel!”, “They’re (the students) are like grown-up children” are just a couple […]

Today we travelled to Livorno and listened to an explanation about how the childcare centres and nurseries are organised within the municipal. Here are some of my notes from the talk… Big involvement of the council in early childcare- work closely with the nurseries. In what way? Money? Ethos? Need to open more schools- lots […]

Is anyone else thinking of ways to embed the ethos of our Miro project into their provision? I loved the ‘curve ball’ in providing opportunities for learning out of both the children’s, and us as adults, comfort zone! We’ve worked so hard to shape the curriculum and provision around the children’s learning and interests but […]

Jersey is 7 years old and is one of our school children, attending our before/after school and holiday club. The first morning she came into nursery after I’d set up the Miro table, she went straight to it and started looking through the pictures.  She selected ‘Ciphers and Constellations, in Love with a Woman’ and […]

  Our first display!  I gave the children some of Miro’s works where he used primarily blue, with red, black, and white areas.  I also provided the children with white paper, and red, black and blue pens and crayons and allowed them to express what they felt from the pictures.   For our second activity, […]